Vanguard Electronics’ new parts are suited to the demands of high shock and vibration, the company said

February 27, 2023

BRISTOL, Pa.—The latest additions to Vanguard ElectronicsHigh Temperature product line are designed to operate in extreme environments and work in frequency ranges from 100KHz to 600KHZ+. Vanguard’s new XTCMN5 Series Common Mode Choke Inductors are “ideal parts    for GaN based power supplies, as well as traditional switching supplies,” according to a release from Vanguard.

Vanguard Electronics, part of the iNRCORE family of brands, offers RF and power components ranging from milliwatt chip inductors to 10kVA power transformers. The ITAR registered and ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified company is a preferred supplier to major contractors in the defense, aerospace, medical, and down-hole oil and gas industries.

The XTCMN5 Series Common Mode Choke Inductors feature a compact, low profile making them suitable for automatic placement and the demands of high shock and vibration. Different electrical values and termination finishes are available, the company said in the release.


“Many of our high end industrial, military, and aerospace markets need high power densities in a smaller package,” said Vanguard Electronics President Jason Finley, in a statement. “Vanguard is continuing to meet these needs with this latest common mode choke inductor series. Compared to the competition, the Vanguard XTCMN series provides better performance in a smaller package size. More sizes and ratings will be following this first series.”


According to Vanguard, the XTCMN5 Series Common Mode Choke Inductors operate over a temperature range of -55° to 200° Celsius. The series has an inductance range of 110uH to 4.9mH and is able to handle 0.55A to 4.9A in a self-shielding nanocrystalline toroidal core. The inductor’s overload current is one-and-a-half times its rated current. The inductors are designed to serve military, high end industrial, extreme temperatures, and aerospace markets, as well as anywhere noise suppression is needed, the company said.

In addition to Vanguard Electronics, the iNRCORE family of businesses includes Gowanda Electronics, DYCO Electronics, HiSonic, TTE Filters, RCD Components, and Bicron Electronics.

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