Lane Manufacturing (, a fabricator of custom molded rubber products, irrigation gaskets and other irrigation accessories, offers design, prototyping, mold design and manufacturing at its Lebanon, Oregon facility. Lane’s molding capabilities include injection molding, compression, transfer, and rubber to metal bonding.

These are some of the numerous gaskets Lane Manufacturing produces in Oregon.

With more than 60 years of manufacturing experience, Lane has an unmatched sample library and parts inventory for American-made irrigation equipment as well as the ability to design, engineer, and make new parts. Lane designs and manufactures custom plastic parts from such materials as SBM, EPDM and Nitrile rubber compounds.

With in-house design and mold fabrication, Lane turns around production products in days instead of the weeks or months it can take others. Lane’s custom manufactured rubber injection molding equipment have the capacity to run 26 injection molds at a time. The firm’s compression and transfer rubber presses range from 6-inch by 6-inch through 30-inch by 30-inch platters.

Lane uses the most current SolidWorks modeling software to design products and molds.

Lane manufactures gaskets with this and similar machines.

“Our in-house machine shop allows for rapid turnaround from idea to molded part, sometimes in as little as a week,” Lane said on its website. “Lane Manufacturing uses only high quality custom mixed rubber compounds formulated to our

This is a Byco pump that Lane Manufacturers at its Oregon facility.

specifications. Each batch of rubber is mixed in an ISO 9001 certified facility and tested for durometer, tensile strength, elongation and modulus, in addition to having a rheometer test performed.”

Lane was founded in California 62 years ago, and it moved to Oregon in 2007 into a “purpose-built facility.” Lane owns and manufactures the Byco line of primers and pumps. Since 2007, Lane added a CNC mold shop, and additional injection molding equipment. Lane added another 8,000-square-feet to its facility in 2015, and expanded its CNC machining capabilities.