Lustre-Cal Corp. ( in Lodi, California, celebrated its 55th anniversary with an on-time shipping rate of 99.8 percent at the ISO 2015-certificated, family-owned, woman-owned, small business enterprise.

Lustre-Cal manufactures membrane switches, labels, domed labels, nameplates, compliance labels, panel overlays, prototypes, shielding, property ID labels, custom-converted materials, and parking permits.

“Our expert staff is ready to develop the best solution for customer labeling requirements,” Lustre-Cal said on its website. “…we can produce labels that achieve the appearances and functions that are required…Special UV topcoats are also available to offer additional protection from the environment, damaging chemicals, solvents, humidity, or other factors that could affect the durability of the label.”

Lustre-Cal works with its customers to design the correct combination of materials, processes, adhesives and finishing to achieve exactly the results customers want, the website said. Special options include UV topcoats, custom die cutting and embossing, computerized color-matching, multi-color anodizing, protective gloss and matte topcoats, selective texturing, polyurethane doming, multiple languages and tamper-evident labeling.

“We employ efficient technologies such as laser cutting to help reduce engineering time and improve accuracy. And we closely monitor all aspects of design and manufacturing to ensure reliable, on-time delivery,” Lustre-Cal said. “We offer expert consultation on materials, panel construction, design, engineering and more to help you meet or exceed the demands of your project.”

Lustre-Cal is ISO 9001: 2015 certified as a manufacturer and distributor of labels, nameplates, anodized aluminum, membrane switches, panel overlays, shielding and insulators, customer converting and property ID labels. It is certified as a small business by the California Small Business Administration.

Its graphic design department works with customers who have a concept, helping them to decide on the art, as well as helping them choose the material, the colors, the design, the function, and all the additional work that leads to the finished product. The company’s website gives customers access to the decision-making process as they consider designing a label or switch. In addition to some labels in stock, Lustre-Cal has more than 55 years of experience designing and manufacturing labels on demand for customers.

For membrane switches, it offers customers an RFQ that helps organize a project. It includes a place for choices on the graphic people see, the membrane layer, the tactile layer, the static layer, the rigid layer and other options. The “Live Chat” option gives customers help with questions they have.

For Property ID labels, a customer visits the “Label Creator” page and starts by picking the size. Next up is the material, followed by the surface application. They choose colors and numbering options. Then comes the label layout option. If you skip a step, it reminds you. Chatting with someone at the company helps with any questions.