Responsible Metal Fab. Inc., (RMFI, is a California-based precision sheet metal fabricator and machine shop working from prototype through production, as well as offering electromechanical assembly and other services.

RMFI’s ISO-certified and ITAR registered processes include machining, sheet metal, prototyping, punch and forming, welding, finishing, assembly, design, engineering and production. CNC punching systems that punch, cut, and separate parts from the sheets, are highly accurate, fast and can be re-programmed when a part is revised.

CNC press brakes bend parts to precise dimensions as ordered in a customer’s drawings. These drawings are maintained in RMFI’s server to facilitate rapid set-ups for on-going or revisited production jobs.

CNC vertical mills offer versatility, accuracy and fast response to customer changes. Programs are stored in the RMFI server for quick reference on repeat jobs.

“See for yourself how Responsible Metal Fab can lower production costs, shorten lead-times and improve the quality of your sheet metal parts and assemblies,” Responsible Metal said on its website. “Our team of experienced professionals make it a smooth process from fast quoting to on time delivery.”

RMFI’s assembly services, used in conjunction with enclosure fabrication, gives customers a turnkey, one-stop solution for faster, flexible, cost-effective production that provides complete and ready to use products. RMFI’s ISO 9001: 2015 certification requires a strict inspection procedure at every operation in the production process. First piece inspection is done for each step in the production process.

RMFI offers design engineering assistance including new product design and development, rapid prototyping for rapid iterations during the design phase, project management with an integrated team approach to meet the customer’s specific requirements, budget and schedule.

RMFI uses Pem Setters to accurately install hardware, and stocks hundreds of types of hardware items from simple nuts to stand-offs to exotic panel fasteners. RMFI’s in-house paint shop provides Class-A painting capabilities for highly cosmetic parts. Silk-screening options range from a simple one-color design to complex multi-color designs. RMFI also offers a wide range of coating options in addition to paint including plating, powdercoating, anodizing, alodine and others.