Are You Ready for an All-Plastic Automotive Engine?
Veteran automotive innovator Matti Holtzberg is at it again, pushing the limits of automotive design in his attempt to build a race car engine that combines high performance with light weight...more>>>
What Engineers Need to Consider When Selecting an EMI Shielding Material
Advances in particle-filled silicones for EMI shielding enable engineers to meet requirements for material performance, shielding effectiveness, and manufacturability, among others...more>>>
Can Technology be Too Disruptive?
When is new technology too disruptive? Does new technology ever debut before its time? ...more>>>
Sourcing Spotlight: FAQs for Selecting a Precision Machine Shop
Answers to frequently asked questions can help OEMs find a reliable CNC machine shop for high tolerance work that is also competitively priced...more>>>
R&D Spotlight: Paper Tubes Make Stiff Origami Structures
From shipping and construction to outer space, origami could put a folded twist on structural engineering...more>>>
Technology Merges with Automotive in New Era of Efficient, User-Centric Mobility
Cars are becoming more and more like personal electronic devices that offer user friendly experiences. This trend, along with pressures to meet higher fuel efficiency requirements, is driving the development of new automotive technologies and a multi-disciplinary approach to integrating them into vehicles...more>>>
Redefining What’s Impossible in Manufacturing
A Minnesota company demonstrates a can-do attitude toward solving seemingly “impossible” manufacturing challenges...more>>>
Eliminating Defective Fasteners with Higher Resolution, 3D Inspection Equipment
As manufacturers look to lightweight materials for improved fuel economy, the associated fastening problems necessitate zero defects through 100 percent inspection...more>>>
Techniques Could Create Better Material, Design in High-consequence Uses
Researchers believe organically shaped designs, achieved through a technology called topology optimization, could enable better parts for national security systems and other vital uses...more>>>
Incorporating Capacitive Force Sensors in Next Generation Product Designs
A new breed of capacitive sensor measures even minute levels of force with high repeatability...more>>>
Made in America
An innovative electric vehicle and future mobility startup selects North Las Vegas, Nevada for the site of a $1 billion production facility...more>>>
Angel Mendez Joins Board of Directors of the Reshoring Institute as Executive Advisor...more>>>
Alcoa Names Karl Tragl President of Transportation and Construction Solutions Group...more>>>
Metallurgists at Laboratory Testing, Inc., Receive GE Certification in Grain Size Evaluation...more>>>
Solar Atmospheres Promotes Engelhard to Vice President of Corporate Quality...more>>>
MODRoto Names Ryan as President...more>>>

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