Can Smart Magnets Improve Your Product Design?
Smart magnets, already found in tablets, laptops, and other consumer electronic devices, offer the potential to open up a wealth of previously untapped opportunities for design engineers...more>>>
PMA’s Awards of Excellence Recognize Metalforming Industry’s Top Achievements in 2015
The annual awards recognize the high standards of achievement in the areas of design, quality, product development, and productivity, among others...more>>>
Massachusetts Company Has Singular Focus on Medical Micro Molding
About 80 percent of the micro medical components produced by a Charlton, Mass., company are implantable devices...more>>>
How the First Internet-connected NHL Home Scoreboard Got to Market Fast
An Internet of Things (IoT) product design company chronicles the lessons learned during the development of the first Internet-connected home scoreboard...more>>>
Making a Place for Everything
A focus on quality products and excellent customer service has been the key to a loyal customer for a New England-based manufacturer of sheet metal, rigid wire, and tubing products...more>>>
Growing, Growing, Gone
A West Coast sheet metal fabrication company is in the midst of an exciting period of growth that can be seen in a variety of forms...more>>>
A Guide to Thermoforming Heavy-Gauge, Complex Parts – from Material Selection to Custom Tooling
A design and fabrication specialist in Minnesota has carved out a niche for complex, hard-to-form, heavy gauge thermoformed products...more>>>
Smart Design - Addressing The Challenges of IoT Design, and Five Tips for Streamlining PCB Thermal Design: A High-Level ‘How To’ Guide
Bringing together several design domains to create an IoT product can place extreme pressure on design teams. Also, many aspects of a printed circuit board’s (PCB’s) performance are determined during detailed design—for example, making a trace a specific length for timing reasons...more>>>
Custom vs. Commodity: Four Factors LED Lighting Manufacturers Need to Consider About Light Engines
Ramifications of an off-the-shelf light engine (LE) selection could include unsatisfactory light output, poor lumen per watt performance, and increased assembly time and costs, as well as delivery delays and other problems that can be avoided...more>>>
Why EB Welding Is Still Cutting Edge Technology
Whether it’s creating high temperature exhaust nozzles for rockets or jet aircraft, or joining cutting-edge 3D printed parts, EB welding has advantages that other welding processes simply don’t...more>>>
Made in America
Reshoring to the U.S.A. and foreign direct investment (FDI) remained strong in 2015, according to the Reshoring Initiative...more>>>
Ace Wire Spring & Form Company Hires New Engineering Sales Manager...more>>>
Industrial Magnetics Appoints Jewell as Southeastern Regional Manager...more>>>
Empire Precision Hires New Engineering and Manufacturing Managers...more>>>
Gear Motions Names New Vice President of Buffalo Operations...more>>>
Clarke Industrial Engineering Raises $1.9 Million, Expands Management Team...more>>>
Link Manufacturing Announces Management Team Promotions...more>>>

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