Is it Time to Think Differently about 3D Printing?
The ‘Wow!’ factor is still strong, but engineers and designers are thinking about 3D printing in new ways, from evaluating its business value to learning the ropes of designing for additive manufacturing...more>>>
New Mind-Bending Technology Grows Parts from Pool of Liquid Plastic
A yet-to-be released 3D printing process eliminates the layering process of additive manufacturing by forming parts from a bath of liquid plastic...more>>>
Manufacturers Profit with Full Capacity Injection Molders
Manufacturers that use injection molders are finding that they can gain significant competitive advantages when they do business with a domestic shop that offers a full spectrum of services under one roof...more>>>
A Versatile, Flexible Plastics Process That You May Never Have Heard Of
Dip molding and coating, using a variety of liquid polymers, can be an excellent alternative to the injection molding and extrusion processes...more>>>
Product Development for the Big, Bold, and Ambitious
An innovation and product development company works to co-develop transformational new products with some of the biggest names in industry...more>>>
Better Motion Control Makes Shot Peening Fast and Economical
An automated shot peening system is designed with alternative intelligent motion control, resulting in a machine that performs more economically...more>>>
Putting Their Best Foot Forward
Two startups—both with an eye on mass customization—are using 3D printing to offer custom shoe insoles that promise to fit right to a person’s foot...more>>>
Use of Lasers to Remove Material is Key to Wire Stripping
Lasers are said to transform a key step in the manufacturing process by reducing and optimizing human-dependent processes and providing consistent part quality...more>>>
Why Infrared Heating Stands Apart
A switch to infrared ovens is said to yield substantial savings—from reduced energy bills to reduced floor space requirements—for manufacturers...more>>>
Made in America
After acquiring ten rare vinyl record presses, a Virginia company announces that it will manufacture audiophile grade vinyl records in the U.S.A...more>>>
Dunmore Adds Dedicated Development Engineer to Support Aircraft Product Development...more>>>
Logic PD Appoints Voiovich to Position of Chief Customer Officer...more>>>
SuperMetalix Names Keshavan as Director of Development...more>>>
Carlisle Appoints Messmer President of Carlisle Brake & Friction...more>>>
Semiconductor Veteran McClear Steps in as Chief Operating Officer of Phononic...more>>>

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