No supply chain worries for customers of of Adelanto, California. Place your order for aluminum spacers by 2:30 Pacific time or 5:30 Eastern time, and they ship today. For next day delivery by UPS, order by 3:15 Pacific time. Special orders are completed and shipped within a range of one to three weeks.

The spacers can be ordered by screw or bolt size, by outer diameter, by thread, by length in inches or in millimeters. uses aluminum 6061-T6 or Brass for its spacers. The spacers can be anodized to premium colors or basic colors. can ship two to two million spacers upon request.

“We are first and foremost a spacer manufacturer,” said the website. “By making and marketing our own spacers with no middlemen between you and us, we are able to compete with imports while we beat the pants off them in both quality and delivery.”

In addition to having a wide variety of spacers on hand at all times, the company also custom manufactures spacers for delivery within one to three weeks. The company’s website offers a self-quote guide for custom-made spacers followed by a guide to figure the cost per part. The company’s standard tolerance is plus or minus .005 inch on length and it is plus or minus .003 inch on the outer diameter. The range of one to three weeks for delivery depends on company’s manufacturing workload and difficulty of making the part. The company’s customer service can typically give a price per part within a few minutes on the telephone. “We have to quote you a time to ship at the time you place your order.”

“Metal spacers or aluminum spacers, also referred to as standoffs, are used to mound 2 items a set distance apart. Once you know the bolt or screw size that you are using and the gap or length that you need spaced, then select from the sizes we listed above,”