SymphonyAI’s copilots enable engineers, plant managers, and operators to swiftly diagnose and overcome operational hurdles, the company says.

PALO ALTO, Calif.—A suite of generative AI industrial copilots recently introduced by SymphonyAI is designed to help frontline workers speed operations and improve efficiency, the company said in a release.

SymphonyAI is a provider of predictive and generative enterprise AI software as a service (SaaS). Its three role-based copilots—Plant Performance Copilot, Digital Manufacturing Copilot, and the Connected Worker Copilot—are reported to provide enhanced human-like interaction so that workers can get beyond standard data analytics to understand what happened, why, and more importantly, anticipate future events.

The copilots can help plant managers, operators, engineers, and technicians to swiftly identify, diagnose, and overcome operational hurdles, with instant initiation of corrective and mitigating actions, according to SymphonyAI. Built on SymphonyAI’s next generation predictive and generative AI Industrial Reasoning and Insights Platform (IRIS), the copilots integrate within SymphonyAI industrial applications. They leverage Microsoft Azure OpenAI alongside an industrial knowledge graph that includes events, sensor data, asset details, product documentation and manuals, and reliability and maintenance reports.

All three copilots contextualize, process, and analyze data from various manufacturing sources. Data is presented in natural language to create actionable insights, enhance operations, reduce downtime, and bolster overall productivity, the company said.

SymphonyAI said the industrial copilots are explicitly built to meet the unique needs of diverse manufacturing personnel, delivering personalized assistance for enhanced efficiency and productivity. By rapidly indexing the manufacturer’s digitized knowledge base for natural language processing, the copilots allow intuitive understanding and interaction. They enable users to delve into what-if scenarios to uncover specific, actionable opportunities.

“SymphonyAI’s innovative industrial copilots move manufacturing beyond the limits of today’s analytics to a powerful factory of the future using predictive insights to anticipate and mitigate production risks and dramatically reduce maintenance costs,” said Prateek Kathpal, president and CEO of SymphonyAI Industrial, in a statement. “These copilots, alongside our recently announced Industrial LLM, will turbocharge key manufacturing roles, delivering unmatched leaps in productivity and accuracy. Our suite of industrial copilots turns the impossible into the possible with previously unimagined transformations in manufacturing efficiency, uptime, quality, and decision-making.”