Its enhanced mold-making capabilities and expanded capacity are said to position Atalys for growth in the medical, consumer, and industrial sectors.

NEW YORK—Atalys, a builder of high-precision tooling, reported that it completed its integration of Romold, a company it acquired last year. The strategic milestone significantly enhances Atalys’s tool building capacity, mold-making capabilities, and positions the company for substantial growth and innovation in its key markets, the company said in a release.

Atalys is a vertically integrated manufacturing platform for the medical device and life sciences industry. Its R&D, engineering, mold-making, and production expertise across the entire manufacturing process enable the company to deliver highly engineered, critical components and high-precision life-saving parts, according to the release.

Romold designs and manufactures highly complex custom molds for plastic injection, with a strong focus on close tolerance machining using state-of-the-art equipment.

“Atalys has always been at the forefront of innovation in high precision tool building. The acquisition of Romold aligns perfectly with our strategic vision to expand our mold making capabilities and deliver unparalleled quality to our customers,” said Atalys President and CEO Vinc Ellerbrock, in the release. “Romold’s expertise in close tolerance machining and state-of-the-art equipment complements our existing strengths and opens new avenues for growth and innovation.”

The consolidation of Romold is said to transform Atalys’s Advanced Engineering Center into one of the largest mold building factories in the region, with dozens of highly skilled, journeyman mold makers. It also further strengthens the company’s unique position as a strategic partner offering customers an expanded range of high-quality, high precision tools with enhanced customization capabilities, the company said.

Atalys Chief Operating Officer Paul Burton, who oversaw the integration process, highlighted the company’s competitive advantage of having its tool building and manufacturing operations under one roof.

“Unlike stand-alone tooling vendors that produce molds to someone’s design, we produce the tools for ourselves to use in molding. We build molds to maximize the quality and stability of the parts we produce, and we’ll modify the tool until we get exactly what is needed in terms of part quality,” Burton said in the release. “As a result of the Romold integration, we’re not only a stronger vertically-integrated manufacturing platform, we also now have an enhanced, bigger, and more talented mold making operation.”

The addition of Romold has also allowed Atalys—known for its expertise in designing and building extremely precise tools with intricate geometries capable of molding highly complex materials—to redeploy some mold making equipment to the manufacturing floor across all its sites. This has been pivotal and strategic because it enabled the company to build the tooling repair and maintenance capabilities at each of the molding plants.

“Now we have the speed across all our manufacturing facilities to turn around any molds that require repair or maintenance, and this translates into unparalleled levels of customer service and superior quality delivery,” Burton said.

“This upgrade was methodically planned and executed to optimize efficiency and expand tool building capacity,” he added. “Our integration strategy included a significant focus on advancing our tooling maintenance and repair operations. By streamlining these processes, we have not only improved our operational efficiency but also freed up additional capacity for tool building. This means we’re now better positioned to respond swiftly to market demands and client needs, reinforcing our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service.”

Atalys said that going forward, the company is set to capitalize on the successful Romold integration and further cement its position as a leader in high precision tool building.

“This is a milestone in our journey towards becoming the go-to partner for complex mold making needs,” Ellerbrock said. “Our combined expertise, bolstered by this acquisition, will drive innovation and excellence, keeping us at the cutting edge of the industry.”