WOODBURY, Minn—I-Tek Medical, a Minneapolis-based medical device contract manufacturing company, reported that it recently joined forces with Vita Group, a medical device incubator and accelerator, to establish the vertically integrated medical device company VitaTek.

Founded in 2005, I-Tek Medical is provider of contract design development and manufacturing services. Under the leadership of CEO Patrick Haley, the company’s mission is streamlining product development and accelerating time-to-market. I-Tek is committed to providing high quality products and services that adhere to strict compliance with quality and regulatory standards while exceeding customer expectations, the company said in a release.

I-Tek has worked with numerous R&D consulting firms over the past 18 years. Haley emphasized the importance of a seamless project transition between the R&D firm and the contract manufacturer.

“Strong communication and clear expectations of cost and timelines is critical,” he said in the release. “I’ve been doing this long enough to know what good looks like. I’ve seen good, bad, and everything in between.”

He continued, “Vita has always exceeded my standards by consistently communicating, almost over-communicating if that’s possible, well in-advance so my engineers could start the project on time. It’s that level of detail that allows us to follow through on our accelerated timelines for our customers.”

Recognizing the opportunity to improve the customer experience with medical device development, Haley sought to merge with an R&D firm that shared his same core values.

Vita Group’s leaders, Jason Scherer and Richard Thompson, offered to transform this concept into reality with the creation of VitaTek. The new company delivers comprehensive, end-to-end in-house services, including R&D, rapid prototyping, regulatory, user testing, die mold and tooling, contract manufacturing, sterile barrier packaging, injection molding, final assembly, ETO sterilization, distribution, and the deployment of a medical device sales team.

“With the merger with Vita Group completed, we’re not just redefining the future; we’re rewriting the entire playbook,” continued Haley, now the chief operating officer for Vita Tek. . “This strategic union empowers us to eliminate the obstacles that have long plagued medical device development, and together at VitaTek, we’re ensuring that complete control over every facet of the process remains in our hands.”

VitaTek’s innovative approach is said to reduce costs, expedite timelines, and consolidate the entire process. The company said it is dedicated to delivering a seamless, comprehensive experience to partners, customers, and investors.