The company’s Manufacturing Data Platform is available on Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

SAN FRANCISCO—Sight Machine Inc. reported that its Manufacturing Data Platform is now a certified solution for Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, further expanding its reach within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

In a release, Sight Machine said that its multi-year participation in Microsoft’s global partner ecosystem for manufacturing enables both organizations to help manufacturers transform their businesses and unlock new levels of productivity and sustainability with leading cloud, data, and AI-powered technology.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is reported to bring together data, processes, people, and technology for manufacturers to build resiliency and sustainability through operational visibility, data integration, and digital collaboration. The cloud, data, and AI capabilities at the core of the offering are said to help companies accelerate digitalization efforts across key areas of the value chain.

As a result, these capabilities can enable more intelligent factories, create more resilient supply chains, unlock innovation with new products and services, and modernize the customer experience, according to the release.

“We’re proud to work closely with the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing and obtain the associated ISV designation,” said Sight Machine CEO and Co-Founder Jon Sobel, in a statement. “Microsoft’s commitment to helping manufacturers transform production brings cloud, security, data, and AI technologies to the factory floor and enables the kind of scale the industry has been working towards for a decade. With Sight Machine and Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, we are enabling our customers to embrace a data-first architecture for the era of industrial AI.”

Sight Machine said its Manufacturing Data Platform (MDP) makes industrial data accessible and useful at scale across the enterprise. It reportedly captures the entire manufacturing process in a single industrial data foundation, contextualizing all plant data and incorporating all machines on a line, all lines in a plant, and all plants operated by a company. Sight Machine’s data-first architecture delivers operational digital twins to provide real-time visibility and insights to transform production at scale across the enterprise, the company said.

“As a launch partner for the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing and early adopter of Azure Open AI Service, Sight Machine gives customers the system-wide visibility and data-driven insights they need to improve productivity and sustainability across the enterprise,” said Dominik Wee, corporate vice president, manufacturing and mobility industry, Microsoft, in the release. “We look forward to our ongoing collaboration to help our customers place data and AI at the core of intelligent operations.”