The Accelsius team in their new Austin headquarters. (Photo: Business Wire)

The company’s 15,000-square-foot space will serve as its center for North American-based manufacturing and supply chain operations for direct-to-chip data center cooling systems.

AUSTIN, Texas—Accelsius recently opened its new corporate headquarters, a 15,000-square-foot facility that combines administrative and production space under one roof in Austin, the company said in a release.

Accelsius is the developer of patented direct-to-chip liquid cooling systems that are reported to enable high-performance computing and compute density for data center and edge computer operators. Its Austin location provides offices, labs, and the company’s research and development center. It will also form the hub of the company’s North American-based manufacturing and supply chain operations, according to the release.

Accelsius said it provides an innovative answer to the soaring energy use in data centers, which reportedly accounts for 3 percent of global electricity consumption. The recent surge of compute-intensive AI workloads is pushing that electricity use to unprecedented levels, forcing data center operators to look for more efficient ways than the traditional forced-air approach to cool servers, chips, racks, and other components, the company said.

For data centers, liquid cooling is said to enable greater server density per rack and higher compute performance, while improving sustainability through reduced electricity, water use, and costs. Accelsius’s two-phase direct-to-chip technology reportedly allows for reduced capital expenditure and drastically reduced risk compared to other liquid cooling technologies.

Accountable U.S. supply chain provides a better option for data center operators

Accelsius CEO Josh Claman, an IT infrastructure veteran who spent years as an executive with Dell and AT&T, said creating a predictable and reliable supply chain to support the company’s flagship NeuCool™ cooling platform gives it a tremendous competitive advantage.

“Our industry is facing a transformational time for technology and operations with the power-intensive workloads underpinning artificial intelligence and machine learning that current cooling architectures cannot handle,” Claman said in the release. He added that Accelsius has recruited an executive team of IT, data center technology, and supply chain veterans with experience at Dell, Oracle, and National Instruments. “We are hiring people who have been through this before and understand we’re looking at a journey, not a one-time event.”

Accelsius currently has 25 employees, and it is planning to double the size of its staff by the end of the year. The company said it is hiring for skilled roles with experience in thermal design, supply chain, and engineering.

NeuCool Platform delivers thermal efficiencies using advanced direct-to-chip technology

Accelsius said its NeuCool Platform provides high-performance cooling, delivering “best-in-class thermal efficiencies and unrivaled reliability at scale.” The innovative water-free two-phase coolant circulation process is said to enable energy-efficient heat transfer without risk of damage from leaks. It can also save data centers 50 percent in annual energy costs, the company said.

NeuCool uses what Accelsius described as a sustainable, safe dielectric fluid and intelligent monitoring to provide a risk-free technology that scales from a single rack to an entire data center. Accelsius said the technology, combined with the company’s U.S.-based manufacturing and professional services program, “gives data center operators the confidence to evolve cooling approaches while ensuring performance improvements and continued uptime.”

The basic technology behind NeuCool was originally developed by Nokia Bell Labs. Accelsius was founded by Innventure, a technology commercialization company specializing in identifying, funding, and scaling disruptive technologies invented by large multinational partners.