The climate tech product developer Copeland was awarded the critical R&D grant to help reduce HVAC costs and energy usage.

SIDNEY, Ohio—Copeland (formerly Emerson Climate Technologies), a provider of sustainable climate technology products, recently received a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) to support a $2.5 million project dedicated to reducing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) costs and energy usage.

The grant will aid efforts to research and develop innovative heat pump technology for HVAC systems, Copeland said in a release.

The company said the grant will fund research and development for a modular, plug-and-play, load-flexible heat pump with low-cost thermal energy storage (TES) for space conditioning and water heating. The innovation reportedly has potential to provide significant cost savings for consumers during HVAC installations, as well as drastic reductions in energy usage.

U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm traveled to Copeland’s Sidney facilities to award the company with the grant.

“The grant we’ve received from the Department of Energy will play a critical role in advancing the future of heat pump technology, reducing both consumer costs and energy consumption,” said Rajan Rajendran, global vice president of environmental sustainability at Copeland, in the release. “We are thankful for the Secretary’s visit to see firsthand the innovations happening here in the region—heat pumps and beyond—that are vital to advancing sustainable climate technologies across the globe.”

Secretary Granholm’s visit and the DoE grant are said to mark a significant milestone in Copeland’s journey to advance the next generation of climate technologies. During her visit, the Secretary and her colleagues toured Copeland’s Sidney facilities, where the latest innovations in heat pump technology and the next generation of sustainable heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration products were showcased.

“I am so proud to be able to celebrate the innovation here in Sidney, as well as Copeland’s role in helping us address the existential crisis of our time, which is climate change,” said Secretary Granholm during her visit to Copeland’s lab.

Copeland, a global provider of sustainable climate products, combines prominent brands in compression, controls, software, and monitoring for heating, cooling, and refrigeration. The company said it offers “best-in-class engineering and design” along with a broad portfolio of modulated products. “We’re not just setting the standard for compressor leadership; we’re pioneering its evolution,” the company said in the release.