TG3 Electronics is a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of input control devices, such as touch screens, standard and custom keyboards, and control panels for medical, military, emergency vehicles, as well as for retail, law enforcement, manufacturing, and government.

Price, quality, and delivery. High quality product that met the customer’s demand at the price point they needed it to be, is TG3’s working goal.

Founded in 1986, TG3’s pioneer technology in touch screen devices collect data and control signals for information processing systems. Its custom protocols include 12C, CAN, USB, Bluetooth, tempest and encrypted products. Its engineering team provides unique and innovative devices that often include custom keys appropriate for the customer’s needs and could be rubber, metal, PCAP, etc. The engineering team includes mechanical, electrical, PCB layout, and software design engineers. Among its custom engineering services is taking a customer’s existing handheld device and upgrading it for evolving uses.

“If you touch it or press it, we can make it happen,” TG3 said on its website. TG3’s engineers can take an existing device or a handheld and turn it into an electronic “powerhouse” for the customer, creating high quality products at low prices. TG3’s medical control panels have run ultrasound, MRI, x-ray and other medical devices for decades.

TG3 operates a 45,000-square-foot facility that is family-owned, and ISO 9001-2015 certified. It is a UL certified manufacturing location. It runs completely automated SMT (Surface Mount Technology) lines. TG3 also manufacturers in China and Germany. TG3 is T-AA compliant and can provide documentation to customers who require T-AA compliance with U.S.-based manufacturing.

“TG3 creates products based on the customers’ needs such as water resistive, chemical resistive, temperature-controlled, etc. When it comes to harsh environments, TG3 excels at developing products for such extreme measures. Our in-house engineering team has top of the line technology to aid in testing the rugged products for severe environments,” the website said.

Most end-users know any product with a button is a thing of the past. TG3 agrees. One ability its engineers thrive on is taking an existing product and refreshing it to have a touchscreen display.

“Our engineering team is fully equipped to handle any project that comes their way for a capacitive- or resistive-touch screen display,” the website said. TG3’s engineers enjoy providing the sole support a customer needs for its products or integration, but if the customer wants the TG3 team for a part of the process, the engineers are willing and able to get in and get out as needed.