The U.S. Air Force 582nd Helicopter Group recently placed an order for the Cratus™ Wave Plate from Integris Composites USA.

TYSONS CORNER, Va.—The United States Air Force 582nd Helicopter Group placed the first major order for Integris Composites USA‘s Cratus™ Wave ballistic armor, introduced a year ago, according to a release from Integris Composites USA.

Cratus Wave uses Trauma Reduction Technology, the latest innovation in the history of the global company formerly known as TenCate Advanced Armor. The 25-year-old business changed its name to Integris Composites in September.

Integris Composites USA said in the release that the technology innovation has received a U.S. patent. The product has also been certified by the U.S. National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

“This patented body armor ballistic insert is thinner than other commercial stand-alone Level III inserts and offers the added benefit of reducing heat stress,” said Andrew Bonham, president of Integris Composites USA, Inc., in the release.

David Cordova, chief commercial officer for Integris Composites USA, said that numerous armor developers in government, as well as private sector contractors, are evaluating the Cratus Wave.

“We’re delighted that personnel in the three squadrons of the 582nd Helicopter Group will have this lighter, buoyant personal protection,” Cordova said in the release. He went on to say that Integris Composites USA has become “the leading resource for the world’s most advanced military organizations.”

“It’s a legacy we will continue even as we expand our armor and survivability capabilities into other applications. We’ve produced the strongest lightweight solutions for defense, aerospace, and other industries for decades,” Cordova continued. “We will continue our innovation as Integris. Our lightweight composite materials provide the most advanced strength-to-weight ratio for a range of applications.”