Unigen’s compact server is based on an AI processor from Akida that reportedly improves data security by enabling edge learning independently of the cloud. 

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif.—BrainChip Holdings Ltd, and Unigen Corporation are partnering to deliver a new configuration of the recently released Unigen Cupcake Edge AI Server, a compact and powerful server based on BrainChip’s Akida™ neuromorphic processor, the companies said in a release.

BrainChip’s Akida is a fully digital, event-based AI processor that uses neuromorphic principles to mimic the human brain. It analyzes only essential sensor inputs at the point of acquisition. By enabling edge learning close to the chip, independently of the cloud, Akida is reported to reduce latency while improving privacy and data security.

The Cupcake Edge AI Server is described as a small form factor server that can run complex AI applications at the edge, close to the source of data, without relying on the cloud or internet connections. In leveraging Akida’s unique data-processing capabilities, the device reportedly offers excellent efficiency, precision, and economy of energy in a wide array of use cases, including industrial, automotive, healthcare, robotics IoT, and security-based applications.

“We are proud to collaborate with BrainChip to bring a new vision to the world of Edge AI solutions,” said Paul Heng, president and CEO of Unigen, in the release. “The Cupcake Edge AI Server can unleash the full potential of AI technology. We look forward to expanding our AI partnership network with BrainChip to deliver a unique Cupcake configuration to customers who are looking for a smart, sustainable, and secure Edge AI solution.”

Unigen said it will provide end-to-end solutions for the Cupcake Edge AI Server, from engineering to mass production.

“The Cupcake Edge AI Server is a game-changer for Edge AI, offering unprecedented performance, efficiency, and scalability for a variety of applications,” said Sean Hehir, CEO of BrainChip, in the release. “We believe that the Cupcake platform, combined with BrainChip’s Akida, will enable a new wave of AI adoption and innovation at the Edge.”

Unigen is an electronics manufacturing services provider that designs and manufactures original and custom solid-state drive (SSD), dynamic random-access memory (DRAM), and nonvolatile dual in-line memory (NVDIMM) modules. The company said it operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the Silicon Valley-Bay Area of California and near Hanoi, Vietnam, along with five additional engineering and support facilities around the globe.