A screenshot of Cetec ERP’s mobile, web-native manufacturing ERP business suite. (Image courtesy S and Y Industries/PRNewswire-PR Web)

S and Y Industries recognized the need for an automated system to address challenges resulting from a global parts shortage.

WICHITA, Kan.—S and Y Industries, a contract manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies and electro-mechanical assemblies, recently implemented an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software platform that has transformed its manufacturing operations, the company said in a release.

The platform, Cetec ERP, is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. S and Y Industries said its collaboration with Cetec ERP and CalcuQuote, a partner and provider of Cetec ERP, has brought significant improvements in streamlining processes and enhancing productivity. The contract manufacturer uses the ERP platform to manage all of its sales and daily business practices.

S and Y Industries has maintained a strong position in electronics contract manufacturing for more than 35 years while navigating the challenges of its industry. But with a global parts shortage impacting purchasing operations, the company faced difficulties in managing confirmations, adjusting purchase orders, and reordering parts efficiently. S and Y Industries recognized the need for an automated solution to address this challenge.

Its need for efficient and agile solutions led it to explore its options and select Cetec ERP as its ERP software of choice.

According to S and Y Industries, its collaboration with Cetec ERP and CalcuQuote offered a comprehensive solution to the parts shortage issue. By implementing a new purchasing integration, the company said it has reduced the time required to process 4,000 lines of demand from six weeks to just four hours. This change enables its purchasing team to focus on more strategic tasks, such as material management and supplier relationships.

S and Y Industries General Manager Matt Miers expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership with Cetec ERP and CalcuQuote.

S and Y Industry employees at the company’s Wichita facility. (Image courtesy S and Y Industries/PRNewswire-PR Web)

“The instant confirmations and significant reduction in data entry is expected to eliminate over 100,000 lines of data entry annually,” said Miers. He also pointed out the broader benefits of Cetec ERP for improving receiving processes, kitting processes, and providing the ability to go entirely digital. “Cetec ERP’s APIs enable seamless communication between various systems and streamline operations on the shop floor,” he added.

S and Y Industries commended Cetec ERP’s software-as-a-service model, which aligns perfectly with its requirement for a dynamic and constantly evolving solution, the company said. S and Y emphasized Cetec ERP’s dedication to introducing new features and offering a forward-thinking approach that aligns with its growth goals.

The team at S and Y Industries said it envisions the software will play a pivotal role in its journey toward full digitization, enhancing the company’s scalability and competitiveness.