Frontgrade’s Smart Power Switch Controller recently attained QML-V rating. (Photo: Business Wire)

Frontgrade Technologies’ new device provides critical power switching applications with response speeds 10 times faster than existing products, the company says.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—Frontgrade Technologies, a provider of mission critical electronics for the aerospace and defense industries, reported that it attained the Qualified Manufacturers List Class V (QML-V) rating for its Smart Power Switch Controller (SPSC).

According to Frontgrade, its new device provides critical power switching applications with extensive fault detection, isolation, recovery, and response speeds 10 times faster than existing products. The Smart Power Switch Controller’s QML-V rating from the Defense Logistics Agency “assures customers that these intelligent devices can withstand the harshest environments,” the company said in a release.

“By selecting these QML-V rated SPSCs, Frontgrade’s customers know that our devices are guaranteed to meet the rigorous performance, quality, and reliability requirements needed for their missions,” said Frontgrade Technologies Vice President of Microelectronics Ricardo Gonzalez, in the release. “This latest QML-V achievement demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to providing our space customers with best-in-class, rad-hard, hi-rel products.”

Frontgrade’s qualified SPSCs are said to detect high/short circuit faults and isolate the problem circuit in as little as 250 nanoseconds. The quick response time helps protect critical components from multiple failures, thereby ensuring system cost savings. Integrating many of the critical functions that require power switching into an SPSC with such a small footprint also eliminates the need for additional separate components to be designed into the board, reducing its overall size and weight, the company said.

Frontgrade Technologies provides high-reliability, radiation-hardened products for defense, intelligence, commercial, and civil applications. The company’s mission-critical electronics offerings include radiation-hardened components, mission processing subsystems, high power amplifiers, custom application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), motion control systems, waveguides, antennas, power management products, and cabling.