MacroFab’s technology-enabled manufacturing platform is reported to empower electronics manufacturers of all sizes with a high level of PCBA flexibility.

HOUSTON—MacroFab Inc., operator of a technology platform for North American electronics manufacturing, recently upgraded its user experience to create a more flexible printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) platform for meeting electronics manufacturers’ needs, the company said in a release.

With the new functionality, MacroFab’s platform is said to empower electronics manufacturers of all sizes to leverage expert support to finalize data, source components, and simplify workflows. The technology-enabled manufacturing platform “provides users with valuable insights and actionable suggestions,” providing easy management of material requirements, specifications, and design integration, in addition to providing actionable quotes for users, according to the release.

“Electronics manufacturers of all sizes are consistently looking for ways to improve their processes, enhance their designs, and easily acquire components from reputable suppliers,” said Kyle McLeod, senior product manager at MacroFab, in the release. “This user experience upgrade is driven by our customer-first approach and ensures that all electronics manufacturers are able to benefit from our flexible, straightforward, expert-supported processes.”

According to MacroFab, thousands of companies have accelerated prototype-to-production of electronics through its advanced technology platform, coupled with its network of North American manufacturing facility partners. The platform can be used by companies needing low-volume printed circuit board assembly or high-volume full product delivery, the company said.