The IQH3D FPGA Monitor for medical, gaming, design and engineering applications. (Image: IQH3D/PRNewswire)

The product can be integrated with 4K 3D camera systems for use with endoscopy and , minimally invasive surgeries, the developer said.

MIAMI—A 3D monitor introduced by IQH3D last September is described by the company as the first of its kind. The Glasses-Free 3D Monitor will range in size from 15.6 inches to 32 inches and is specifically designed for medical, gaming and design applications, the company said in a release.

The high-performance 4K 15.6-inch 3D lenticular screen features artificial-intelligence-driven optical eye-tracking capabilities and an embedded dedicated FPGA board for better 3D image quality and faster visual response. An autostereoscopic display integrates an embedded eye-tracking camera with an Android board running sophisticated neural network algorithms. This accurately determines the 3D locations of the observer’s eyes in front of the display for computing the proper 3D perspective of each eye, according to IQH3D.

A dedicated field-programmable gate array (FPGA) board is optimized to perform highly efficient pixel rearrangement for a more responsive glasses-free stereoscopic visualization. This is said to minimize the processing power requirements of the driving computer GPU and CPU. Real-time communication of the eye tracking information from the display to the computer is established via both Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks.

A simple but extremely powerful software development kit (SDK) for OpenGL and OpenXR programming environments, as well as Unity and Unreal Engine game platforms, will be provided for AR/VR/MR software developers to facilitate system integration, the company said.

For medical applications, the IQH3D Glasses-Free 3D monitor reportedly can be integrated with any 4K 3D camera system to be used with endoscopy and minimally invasive surgeries such as laparoscopy.

“This monitor is an evolutionary leap forward in imaging, with higher performance and more realistic 3D image depth than existing systems,” said David Ross, chief operating officer of  IQH3D, in the release.

Some of the medical applications are reported to include surgical navigation systems, visualization of virtual surgical models, endoscopy/laparoscopy camera image display, oral surgical systems, ophthalmology surgical systems, and medical education platforms.

The monitor is also well-suited for gaming, Metaverse 3D modeling, design platforms, and film and special effects animation, the release said.

“The advanced eye tracking algorithm permits instant 3D focus by the user for better viewing and is an excellent development,” said IQH3D CEO Loyal Haylett, in the release.

The monitor is agnostic to the application or camera system, requiring a simple 4K side-by-side (SBS) 3D input. Some of the 3D modeling and gaming applications include Unity/Unreal, CAD, CADD, stereoscopic art and NFT’s, and live image display from any 3D camera systems.

IQH3D said it provides custom integration of Glasses-Free 3D Optics into existing products. The company has upgraded display systems for a broad range of customers in medical, educational, engineering, conferencing, signage, entertainment, and consumer device applications. Its team includes software and hardware integrators to simplify the transition from 2D or headgear-required 3D to Glasses-Free 3D.

IQ-Haylett LLC, dba IQH3D is a Florida-based technology company founded in 2015 and focused on Glasses-Free 3D Stereoscopic Technology.

“Our mission is to bring revolutionary Glasses-Free 3D viewing technology to consumer products, the metaverse, and the business community, with the highest quality optical solutions achievable through research and development with our world leading 3D optical scientific teams and partners,” the company said in the release.