ZAGO, a U.S.-based manufacturer of sustainable sealing screws, recently launched an e-book for engineers working in the offshore wind sector. (Image: ZAGO/PRNewswire)

NEWARK, N.J.—ZAGO Manufacturing Co., a manufacturer of sustainable sealing fasteners that protect offshore wind components, reported that it released an e-book on challenges and opportunities engineers may encounter in the industry. The e-book, Engineering Offshore Wind in North America, can be downloaded at

The U.S. has set an ambitious goal of deploying 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind electricity generation by 2030, which would power more than 10 million American homes. The Department of Energy is providing a range of financial support to the offshore wind supply chain, and the Inflation Reduction Act offers a suite of clean energy tax credits, such as a manufacturing tax credit to support U.S. production of components, including blades, nacelles, and towers.

While the economic and environmental benefits of offshore wind power are significant, the costs for planning, constructing, leasing, maintaining, and operating them are, too. Attracting investors means allaying fears and addressing legitimate concerns, such as disruption to marine ecosystems and failure to meet financial targets, according to a release from ZAGO.

Among the most critical parts of offshore wind is surveying, monitoring, and forecasting the viability of an offshore wind project. Key questions to answer, notes Gail Friedberg, co-founder and CEO of ZAGO, a certified woman-owned business, are, “How will offshore wind turbines, blades, and monopiles function in 10-20 years? What will be the impact to our ocean, marine life, birds, the shoreline?”

Engineers working to address these questions must protect sensors, LiDAR, and underwater cameras that capture and transmit critical data from being damaged or malfunctioning. Without proper protection, repairing equipment is costly, impedes data flow, and causes project delays. ZAGO’s e-book explores options for sealing and protecting subsea equipment, sensors, and electronic components from hazards and contaminants, the company said.

ZAGO manufactures Made in USA /Buy American Act compliant, reusable sealing fasteners and components from its solar-powered headquarters in Newark, New Jersey. Engineers and manufacturers in sustainable industries, such as solar, LED lighting, electric vehicles and batteries, and offshore and onshore wind commonly use ZAGO sealing fasteners for their unique ability to prevent contaminants from leaking into equipment and damaging it or leaking out and potentially harming our environment, the company said.