The AirMend™ HEPA Air Purifier from Oransi. (Photo: PRNewsfoto/Oransi)

Oransi’s technology is reported to provide the air purifier with greater air flow and higher energy efficiency in a much smaller size.

RADFORD, Va.—U.S.-based electric motor technology company Oransi recently introduced its new HEPA Air Purifier, AirMend™, calling it “the biggest electric motor innovation since the 1960s.” The veteran- and minority-owned company said in a release that it recently reshored its manufacturing from China to its Virginia facility, where it designs, engineers, and responsibly assembles its new air purifier.

The AirMend air purifier features a patent-pending motor that is said to be quieter and lighter with higher torque and power density. It also provides “more air flow and higher energy efficiency in a much smaller size,” according to Oransi. The company said it made more than 700 different prototypes while refining its proprietary motor technology.

The proprietary electric motor technology used in the AirMend has numerous applications beyond air purifiers, according to Oransi. The company also said that while performance of the air purifier is most important, they recognize the need for products that are easy to use, as well as reliable.

“We have created a higher energy-efficient electric motor, patent pending, without the green premium and we are a lower cost than the imports for the performance,” said Oransi Founder and CEO Peter Mann, in the release. “We have succeeded in creating better products for consumers and businesses, as well as better jobs and better lives for Americans. As a kid who watched his dad’s job at GE be negatively impacted by manufacturing that moved overseas in the 70s and 80s, reshoring is a tremendous personal accomplishment.”

What began 15 years ago as an engineer’s quest to find a better indoor air quality solution for his young asthmatic son, has evolved to become a leading electric motor technology company designing some of the most efficient and intuitive products on the market. Based in Radford, Oransi is managed by a team of executives and engineers with decades of experience. They are allergy and asthma sufferers themselves, making air purifiers that they also use and need. Oransi said it provides best-in-class HEPA air purifiers to consumers, businesses, and those in the health, dental, and medical fields.

“Oransi has brought back the pride in American-made products while implementing responsible manufacturing,” Mann continued. “We did it through innovation and by having a team that was brave enough to challenge the status quo. I hope we can serve as an example for other U.S. companies.”

AirMend, reported to be “the only budget-friendly air purifier that is assembled in the USA,” is available in two sizes. The AirMend Small Room HEPA Air Purifier (MSRP $169.84) is reported to clean 293 square feet in 12.5 minutes, or up to 709 square feet in 30 minutes. The AirMend Medium Room HEPA Air Purifier (MSRP $199.84) cleans 322 square feet in 12.5 minutes, or up to 780 square feet in 30 minutes, the company said.