The company will ramp up production of national security space hardware at the new facility.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Space hardware manufacturer Redwire Corporation has expanded its footprint in Colorado with the opening of a new manufacturing and testing facility in Longmont, where it will ramp up production of space hardware for national security, the company said in a release.

The new state-of-the-art Longmont facility provides 26,000 square feet of high-bay manufacturing, integration, and testing floor space. It also features an advanced radio frequency (RF) testing chamber for installed performance testing of RF payloads, according to Redwire.

The company said the new facility expands its footprint in Longmont by 70 percent, bringing its total workable area to just under 65,000 square feet. Described as “cutting-edge,” the facility will enable further high-volume design, manufacturing, and testing of a variety of space-based antenna hardware and large-scale deployable structures for use in low-Earth orbit (LEO) and beyond for government and commercial customers.

“The new Longmont facility will enable Redwire to manufacture more RF Systems and provide our customers with new, expanded integration and testing capabilities,” said Redwire Space Systems President Adam Biskner, in a statement. “The Redwire team in Longmont has already delivered antennas supporting over 50 spacecraft for a national security constellation being developed, and thanks to the investment in this facility, we are anticipating we will be able to triple that hardware throughput in just the next few years.”

Redwire’s existing Longmont, Colorado, facility is home to several of the company’s rapidly expanding programs, including production of Link 16 antennas for a constellation of national security LEO satellites intended to give warfighters beyond line-of-sight communications and secure, anti-jam tactical data networks. The facility also develops large, deployable structures, including a solar sail for NASA’s Solar Cruiser program, according to the release.

Redwire Corporation describes itself as a global space infrastructure and innovation company that enables civil, commercial, and national security programs. The company’s capabilities are reported to include power products, RF systems and satellite payloads, and guidance, navigation, and control (GNC) components and avionics. They also include deployable structures and critical mechanisms, digital engineering, testing and analysis, and microgravity R&D and manufacturing, the company said.