The  new name reflects the company’s expansion of material capabilities

BEAVER FALLS, Pa.—The company formerly known as McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies has changed its name to McDanel Advanced Material Technologies. The name change is aligned with McDanel’s strategic plan to expand its technology portfolio to include a broader range of material technologies, the company said in a release.

McDanel has historically focused on high-purity tubular advanced ceramics. By expanding its technology portfolio, the company is aiming to extend its expertise and “broaden its reputation as a comprehensive materials solutions provider” for applications in the aerospace, defense, medical, and semiconductor markets.

McDanel’s high purity Alumina, Mullite, fully stabilized Zirconia, and Sialon products are used in applications that require a protective atmosphere in high-temperature corrosive environments, without contamination. These ceramics will remain a foundation of McDanel’s  technology portfolio as the company expands its capabilities, according to the release.

“Our vision is to be the premier technical partner in advanced materials for the design and development of mission-critical solutions that push the frontiers of human health, mobility, connectivity, and security,” said McDanel Advanced Material Technologies CEO Mike Ingram, in the release. “We can do this by expanding our technology portfolio and scientific expertise to include materials and capabilities with existing adjacency to essential industries that already deploy our legacy ceramic solutions. Changing our company name to reflect the expansion plan is a critical step forward.”

McDanel Advanced Material Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of high-performance, proprietary advanced materials. The materials are used in mission-critical applications across the aerospace defense, medical, semiconductor, and other diversified industrial end-markets. In addition to its portfolio of high-purity materials, the company said it offers a range of machining and R&D capabilities that enable it to provide highly engineered advanced materials designed to perform under tight specifications and withstand extreme environments.