Miller Fabrication Solutions’ new Nidec MVR40Hx milling machine increases production capabilities for global OEMs. (Image courtesy Miller Fabrication Solutions)

Miller Fabrication Solutions recently acquired a Nidec MVR40Hx Milling Machine.

BROOKVILLE, Pa.—Miller Fabrication Solutions augmented its position as a strategic steel fabrication partner to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with the recent addition of a Nidec (formerly Mitsubishi) MVR40Hx Milling Machine to its CNC vertical machining centers, the company said in a release.

The double-column, five-face, vertical machining center allows Miller to fabricate and final machine very large parts all in one piece, a capability very few U.S. manufacturers have, the company said.

Miller now can handle some of the most complex projects for OEMs in heavy industries like power generation, rail maintenance, construction, and mining. The MVR40Hx allows Miller to offer more vertically integrated solutions by expanding the company’s capability to take parts from raw materials to final product, eliminating the need for multiple supplier partners and enabling Miller to provide greater customization and flexibility.

With the new milling machine, Miller can produce fabrications up to 20 feet long, 12 feet wide and 7 feet high, weighing up to 33 tons. It can maintain rigidity, allowing for larger and faster cuts; and hold tolerances within thousandths of an inch across the entire distance of these massive parts. The company said it can also speed up cycle times of large components and reduce costs by leveraging the latest technology and tying machining to fabrication and paint.

“Miller’s significant investment in adding the new Nidec milling machine to our arsenal of solutions creates a competitive advantage that underscores our commitment to being global OEMs’ supplier partner of choice,” said Eric D. Miller, president of Miller Fabrication Solutions, in the release. “The scale and precision of the MVR40Hx gives our OEM customers a one-stop fabrication facility where their largest and most complex parts can be fabricated and machined according to exacting specifications.”

The new MVR40Hx Milling Machine is fully functional and turning out parts. Miller said he expects the MVR40Hx to be productive for upwards of 20 years.

Miller Fabrication Solutions describes itself as a “strategic fabrication partner for innovative, global OEMs.” Miller delivers high-quality metal parts and assemblies through its extensive value-added and manufacturing services. With a core focus on modern technology and robotic automation coupled with lean processes, the company works to ensure that complex project measures are exceeded now and well into the future.