A manufacturing team member uses a Flowfinity Operational Intelligence Dashboard to optimize factory production output. (Photo courtesy Flowfinity/PRNewswire)

Companies can use the Flowfinity platform to deploy custom industrial IoT tools with real-time operational intelligence, according to the developer.

VANCOUVER, B.C.—Manufacturing operations managers today are facing significant challenges to their efforts to maximize return on investment (ROI). Teams can’t easily make up production lost to unscheduled downtime resulting from breakdowns. Meanwhile, inflation has raised the cost of raw materials, so any anomalies in production are more expensive than ever.

To help address these challenges, a no-code platform for process automation and data visualization is helping manufacturers deploy custom industrial IoT tools with real-time operational intelligence (OI). The goal is to prolong equipment life and reduce material waste, according to a release from the developer of the platform, Flowfinity.

Flowfinity said in the release that it is helping organizations of all sizes gain a competitive advantage by offering scalable OI dashboards connected to IoT data and human-driven workflows. Now, managers can gain real-time insights into production without programming complex hardware and software to respond quickly to anomalies.

Flowfinity M1 Controllers are natively compatible with Flowfinity workflow automation and data visualization software. They can be retrofitted to existing machinery to monitor energy consumption, temperatures, pressures, line speed, and environmental factors that can affect production quality. When a discrepancy exists, Flowfinity automation will take corrective action to prevent waste or send alerts to trigger preventative maintenance and prolong equipment life, the company said.

“Over two thirds of manufacturers believe IoT and real-time Operational Intelligence would increase their competitiveness,” said Flowfinity Vice President Larry Wilson, in the release. “However, many of our clients were struggling with the complexity of programming hardware to connect with their core systems and workflows. That’s why we’re empowering manufacturers of all sizes to connect their people, processes, and facilities with scalable IoT solutions that managers can deploy from endpoint to server, without coding or straining IT resources.”